I was born in 1936, the time between the Great Depression and World War II. My parents were farmers in western Washington County Texas and made their living raising cotton for a cash crop.  They also raised most of what they ate, beef, pork, poultry and of course fruits and vegetables from the garden.  The first six years of my education was in a one room country school with multiple grades and one teacher. I was fortunate to be able to continue my education through high school and college graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in the Class of 1958.

After college I joined the US Navy, entered the flight training program, was commissioned an Ensign after pre-flight training and designated a Naval Aviator after finishing flight training in 1961. I was an “East Coast Sailor”, i.e. all of my assignment were on the east coast of the US. Deployment ranged from the Caribbean to the Arctic Circle and the US to Europe.  Most of the operations I was involved in were antisubmarine warfare and  Cold War related. After 21 years on active duty I retired from the Navy.

When I left the Navy I returned to my roots on the farm in Washington County. A tradition with my parents generation was that a sibling would continue the operation of the farm when the parents no longer could. I had no brothers or sisters so that role was expected of me and I gladly accepted it. My parents are now gone. I still own and live on the farm however the operation has been turned over to someone else.

From my first memories as a child until today there have been many changes that affect our lives in so many ways. As a youngster I always liked to listen to the “old folks” reminisce about when they were young. Now it is my turn to say ”When I was your age”, hence the reason for part of this blog. My thoughts are just that—my thoughts as I remember them and as I see things today. Enjoy.  Your comments and questions are always welcome.

Glen Peters


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  1. Glen's SWMBO says:

    I note in your life story that you do not mention living in wedded bliss with your fabulous wife at this stage in your life! LOL LOL

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