Latest Happenings

It has been a while since my last blog entry. Not much exciting has happened lately-I haven’t won the lottery (you really think I’d tell anyone if I did?!!), the world is supposed to come to an end today at 5:00 PM CDT so everyone spread your legs, bend down and kiss your behind goodbye. But one good thing happened, it did rain some early this morning.

This is the second band of showers that our weekly cold (cool) front has produced this month. We received 0.55 inches of rain accompanied with at least 2 inches of thunder and lighting. The rain helps freshen thing up but does not help all that much. With two days of sun and wind we will be back to where were yesterday. We are still under exceptional drought conditions as is almost half of the state of Texas. A map of the state depicting where the drought conditions are can be seen here.

Our neighbors to our East in the Mississippi Delta are experiencing record flooding. They, too, are in a drought situation however the water from heavy rains in the Mississippi watershed have reached the delta area and is sending man and beast to higher ground. Sort of ironic to have severe flooding during a drought!

Hurricane season is just around the corner and the forecast is for it to be an active storm season. Hurricanes have lots and lots of rain associated with them and they also come with destructive winds. One with rain but no wind would be nice but probably impossible so I won’t wish for one.

My garden is about gone. Green beans and beets are still producing some and I will continue to nurse along the 6 tomato and one pepper plants with water. Gonna be slim picking this spring but will just have to start planning early for a fall garden.

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One Response to Latest Happenings

  1. Claire says:

    I may not have my treasured fresh watermelon this summer, but I’m just glad I have YOUUUUU! 🙂

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